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500 Miles in 365 Days!

Jean Synodinos, Austin, Austin skyline, Lady Bird LakeOne year ago today, I started walking. This past weekend, I hit (and slightly exceeded by 3.2 miles), my goal of 500 miles in a year.

All but a few walks were taken with Freida in tow; she had some surgery this past fall that kept her off the trail for about two weeks. I’ve walked my neighborhood, and I’ve walked the streets of cities and towns I’ve visited this year.

But about 80% of those miles were walked with my superior friend and Virtual Troop Leader, the amazing and inspiring Adrienne Dealy. And I know her willingness to rise and shine on dozens of early mornings kept me on track. I can’t imagine that I’d have stuck to this commitment without her.

We spent those mornings walking around Lady Bird Lake, which runs east-west and separates south Austin from downtown. I’ve shot a number of photos in the past few months and have added a small gallery of them here on the photo blog.

Egrit, Austin, Lady Bird Lake, Zilker ParkThis year has shown me that the benefits of walking are real. My mood is always better after a walk. I sleep well. I’m more limber. My body doesn’t ache like it used to.

I’m still struggling with my weight (more on that in coming weeks), but I love walking now, and I can’t imagine giving that up–ever.

The next post (it’ll be “That Time of the Month”), I’ll share some resources on walking that should help anyone thinking of starting their own program.

But finally, this little milestone is worth celebrating with a song I just loved when it came out: The Proclaimers and their song “500 Miles.”

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3 thoughts on “500 Miles in 365 Days!

    • Yes, I’ve looked at the Walk Across Texas (, for those of you who want to check it out), and I was a bit disappointed! It’s promoted as an 8-week program to get started with walking (which is great), but I was hoping you could use the site to actually log miles on an ongoing basis to represent a figurative walk across the state (which is about 880 miles). You really can’t do that on the site. Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t make that a personal goal… 🙂

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