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Photo Essay #5: Lady Bird Lake, an Urban Oasis


Egrit on Lady Bird Lake

Along with my friend Adrienne and my dog Freida, I hoofed several hundred miles this past year around Lady Bird Lake (formerly Town Lake), in Austin, TX.

The name’s a bit deceiving; it really doesn’t look like a lake. It looks more like a river that cuts from east to west and separates south Austin from downtown.

Zoom in, however, and you’ll find a remarkably beautiful habitat, home to an array of birds: great blue and green herons, snowy egrits,  coots, cormorants, swans, and other water birds that have populated this central Texas oasis with increasing enthusiasm in these past few years. You’ll also find coral snakes, btw.

All of the photos were snapped on my iPhone 4S over the past 12 months.

Click here to see the full collection on the BSP’s sister blog, Big Scout Photography.


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