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Step It Up: Five Great Resources to Get Walking

Walk at Lunch Day

It’s “That Time of the Month,” gang — my monthly opportunity to share some of the great resources I’ve stumbled upon while working through the badges for the Big Scout Project.

You know I’ve become something of a walker over the past year, and I just celebrated my 500-miles-in-one-year mark. So it seemed like a great time to direct all y’all to a few phenomenal resources. Whether you’re contemplating your first steps from the couch to the corner or you’ve walked halfway around the world, there’s something here for you.

1. Start Walking Now

This is the American Heart Association’s one-stop shop for all things walking. Want to learn more about the benefits? Start a walking club? Find a walking path close to home? Track your progress? All of this — and much more — are right here. Very user-friendly.

2. Walking on

I know, I know. Lance has besmirched the organization, but don’t let his narcissistic and criminal idiocy keep you from checking out the great articles on this site. In fact, there are so many articles on walking here that it’s almost impossible to categorize them all in any quick way. Take a look.

3. The Walking Site

This site welcomes beginners and fanatics alike. Get guidance on gear, injuries, motivation, race walking, stretching, treadmill walking and more. It’s comprehensive, so don’t let the design of the site — very “last decade” — keep you away from some good stuff.

4. Mayo Clinic’s 12-week walking program

Great for real couch potatoes who are thinking of getting on their feet, this program starts off with short, short walks and works up to regular good, brisk walks. Oh, hell. Just do it already!

5. Everybody Walk!

The site is sponsored by Kaiser Permanente, a pretty large provider of healthcare and health plans, so if you have an ax to grind with them, I’ll understand if you ignore this site. KP and I have no argument (and I believe they’re actually not-for-profit, which seems to me like it should be a bonus), so I’m good with this site. And really, I’m deeply moved by one story of inspiration — the story of a 109-year old mall walker. Next time I think of sleeping in late instead of walking, I hope this story crosses my mind.

n Synodinos, Big Scout Project, photography, walking shoes

I’m on my second pair of these great shoes, and there’s a third pair in my closet ready to go when needed. Ah, the fabulousness of Zappo’s!

BONUS — Smart phone app!!!

Got a smartphone? Let it do some great tracking for you. I say forget pedometer apps — I’ve found them to be wildly divergent which leads me to question their accuracy. Instead, I recommend that you track your mileage, and the GPS capability in smartphones make these apps far more accurate, imo.

After some experimentation, I’ve taken quite a shine to Pedometer Pro GPS +. No, it’s not free, but it’s exactly the tool I need.

DOUBLE BONUS — Way fun video!!!

Treat yourself to this West Wing cast reunion on Funny or Die. The President and his staff have  come together to make a pretty fun and compelling case for putting on your walking shoes: West Wing Reunion: Walk or Talk


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