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Photo Essay #7: Things That Live in Trees

Spring limbs

Spring limbs

To my surprise, it turns out I thoroughly enjoy documenting life through the lens of a camera. I like the point and shoot method, followed by some trickery in iPhoto or an app.

Yes, it would be lots of fun to play around with a high end digital camera–it might even persuade me to get one–but for now, I’m pretty sure the tools at my disposal can help me master the tasks associated with the “Camera Shots” badge.

Anyway, this latest collection of shots are things that live in trees. More specifically: birds, kites, moss, and plastic bags.
Red kite lost

Red kite lost

I started snapping these shots about a month ago, shortly after this year’s Zilker Kite Festival. All photos were shot in south Austin using my iPhone or old Sony Cyber Shot. They were mildly modified in iPhoto with more modifications using the iSplash, Grungetastic, and Romantic Photo apps for Mac.

To see the whole collection, jump here to visit the sister blog, Big Scout Photography.


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