About This Scout

Our scout, Jean Synodinos, enjoyed stints as a brownie scout in Catonsville, MD and a junior scout in Lancaster, PA. These formative experiences, of which she has little memory, were followed by the requisite years of teen uncertainty, low self-esteem and angst.

The young adult years began with college (Duke — yes, go Blue Devils). The resulting B.A. in Theater was almost as lucrative as one might expect, but included 500+ performances as the guitar-wielding Sister Albert Maria in the off-Broadway hit Tony ‘n Tina’s Wedding from 1989 – 1991.

By day, our scout works in the field of public health communications. By night, she’s a singer-songwriter, and thanks to the Big Scout Project, she’s uncovered a passion for painting and photography. She has come to think of herself as a Creative Generalist, but has thus far hesitated to put that title on a business card.

Jean Synodinos

Playing songs around town by night.

Austin, TX has been home since 1998. Her favorite hour of the week is spent behind the razor wire of the Travis County Correctional Center where she teaches guitar and songwriting to women inmates.

She lives with her beautiful, smart mutt Freida in a charming house on the south side of town. Our scout is kind to animals and gardens in spite of repeated failures. A breast cancer survivor, she encourages all women to go get that mammogram. Early detection not only saves lives–it saves the quality of lives.

Jean Synodinos, Jean Synodinos, Jean Synodinos


3 thoughts on “About This Scout

  1. My Dearest Jean,

    Lo, these many months you’ve been diligently posting, doing, BE-ing the top-scout, I’ve been remiss in following your adventures. Please forgive. But, here I am, finally, in all my belated glory, finding such delight and inspiration in your endeavors.

    You rock, sistah friend. I wanna see the sash, with all badges dutifully stitched on, upon completion. Will the GSofA give you these?

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