The Data-Driven Scout

I only s-q-u-e-a-k-e-d my way through statistics in college, but I’ve come to have a fun appreciation for data and data visualization in my work over the years, no doubt because there are so many cool ways to collect and represent data these days. So I’m going to grab this opportunity to grab some information from readers along the way as well as report back curious findings in curious ways. Archives of previous polls are right here.

BSP Survey #3: Do We Conquer, Cope With, or Cave In to Stress?

I have never met an adult who did not know stress. We’ve heard of the Five Great Stressors: marriage, divorce, moving, change in employment, death of a loved one.

Those life-changing extremes aside, we feel stress to varying degrees with deadlines, responsibilities, illness, obligation, money flow. And our capacity to respond to stress is fundamentally important to our health and happiness.

A number of badge tasks look at the stressors–and our responses to them–that can impact our health. So this 10-question survey, for men and women, seeks to gather some information on that.

The survey is entirely anonymous, but I will certainly include some of the verbatim answers when I report the results a few months from now.

Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to give me some important input on this topic! Click on this hyperlink to take the survey in a pop-up window:

Archives of closed BSP polls are here.

Jean Synodinos, Jean Synodinos, Jean Synodinos, Jean Synodinos


3 thoughts on “The Data-Driven Scout

  1. This is a tough one – wouldn’t want immortality don’t really want to see my family & friends die off, flight would be nice you could get anywhere but what would you do with your luggage? Invisibility would be cool until I heard of saw something that I really, really didn’t want to see or hear. I’ll leave that to your imagination. Superhuman intelligence and mind reading can be hard too – sometimes knowing to much is a bad thing. Speed, strength and x-ray vision would be nice but I think being able to immediately teleportation throughout the Universe would allow me to do more. Because I alway want to do everything and this would make the possibalities endless.

  2. Hi. This is a super cool project that you are embarking on! Have you checked out what is new in scouting these days? Badge books, though still available, are now moving over for “journey books”. It is a whole new concept and the look is alive and will remind you of how children and youth social media looks today. This is the 2nd year of the new Journey and a second set of journey books are out now. Also new, is the GS logo. The profile has been updated to add “bangs”. What level of scouts are you following? I can send you a set of the new books to check out. Let me know. Tina in AZ

    • Hi, Tina — Thanks for the fabulous comment and the kind offer! Yes, I’ve been boning up on what’s new and am in contact with some great women who are troop leaders and very involved in scouting right now for their input and guidance (so I think I’m covered… for now, at least!). I’ve also been reading/researching how scouting has evolved through all of the old editions of the handbook — it’s incredibly interesting to see how things have changed. To answer your last question, I’ve decided to follow the Junior GS level right now; that’s the level I was in when I dropped out of scouting as a girl, and it felt like a good place to pick it up. Thanks again!

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